Visualizer Project

An Open-Source Project For Raspberry Pi Microcomputers

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About This Project

This is the source code for a six month open-source project completed and delivered to a Burning Man camp for intended 2020 public display. It is meant to display music visualizations for guest DJs, utilizing a non-GUI mouse controlled interface that coordinates between multiple units.
This project implements:
Pickle, Socket, Pytest
Extensive git-version control
Raspbian and Raspberry Pi hardware
Design and implementation with a real-world sponser



This GIF is from a demo of communication between two Raspberry Pi units with simulated shutoff and restart. All communication and synchronization is performed through ethernet as per the sponsor's requirements.


The part of this project that I am most proud of is the documentation. I led the charge on the design and documentation of this project, and brought together the various parts into an easily searchable page. The docs were critical for the communication of the various members of this group, and cut the development time and bugs of the project as a whole.

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